Lynzy created this preset so that you could use it in any setting! From photos of your kids indoors to family vacations, these presets work anywhere! Her goal when creating it, was to give her photos a soft pastel hue that would work year round. This is a preset that you can use in the warmth of summer or the cool depths of winter! Have fun bringing your photos to life!





Professionally made photo preset(s) that can be used with the FREE Lightroom CC mobile app (iOS/Android compatible)


PDF with frequent questions about how to perfectly adjust the preset to your liking


PDF guide that walks you through the install process of your mobile preset

Before & Afters

Lynzy Preset

Lynzy's Summer Preset

Frequently Asked Questions

A preset is basically another word for "filter." My presets have been developed and tested by myself, alongside a professional photographer, to make sure they are optimized for the majority of mobile users! You will still have to make slight adjustments here and there depending on the original photo's lighting and coloration but often times my presets are one click. .

We have a detailed PDF guide (for both iOS and Android) that will walk you through everything, step-by-step! And also a FAQ document that will answer any questions you have!

The only app you need to download and use your presets is the FREE Lightroom CC app!

No! Just reference the email you received upon purchasing and re-download them to your new device using the link in the email. OR if you are subscribed to Adobe's Cloud Sync, they should sync up to your device once you login with Lightroom!

Yes these are completely Android and iOS friendly :)

There is no time limit for you to use these presets! Once you purchase them, they are yours to use, for life!

You can! However, you will need to have the Adobe Lightroom CC software ($9.99/mo with Photography plan). If you have the Lightroom CC (not Lightroom Classic) software and you subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud, your presets will automatically be synced from your mobile device to your desktop. You will still need to download and install through your mobile device though.


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